Jason Hartman talks with Dirk Zeller about helping your clients take advantage of the incredible opportunities in today’s real estate marketplace.  What are Buyers and Seller’s Missing in Today’s Marketplace?

Unprecedented opportunities!  Getting buyers and sellers to see the opportunities of today’s marketplace rather than all the negative media is a challenge facing all agents and brokers.  Visit http://www.aipis.org/ for more.  Having the ability to refocus your strategies, to change the sellers’ and buyers’ views to an opportunity mindset, can build a new level of urgency in your prospects.  As a successful real estate salesperson you must update your dialogues and delivery to inject urgency, to show consequences of inaction and give factual numbers to anchor credibility.
This AIPIS episode will address the following and more:

1. Why are buyers so hesitant in today’s Marketplace?
2. What do real estate agents need to do to show today’s market value to buyers?
3. Where do you think that marketplace will go in the next 6 months to a year?
4. What should the buyers and sellers do because of the marketplace?
5. What should agents be saying to their buyers and sellers?
6. How should agents be responding to the media reports in today’s marketplace?
7. Can you give us some more examples of urgency?
8. What are the most important characteristics for an agent’s success in today’s economy?
9. How can the mortgage originator and real estate agent work more effectively together?
10. How has the mortgage originators role been changed for the real estate agent?

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