Jason Hartman talks with Norman Rogers, author of the new book Dumb Energy, A Critique of Wind & Solar Energy. Norman argues that our nationwide obsession with wind and solar energy is actually harmful to our economy and the world and that we should focus on coal and nuclear energy to get the best benefits. He explains that the only reason things like solar energy are feasible is because of massive federal subsidies and that the reason we don’t hear much about it is that grant money isn’t given to those who want to study opposing viewpoints.

Key Takeaways:

[1:41] Solar and wind energy are erratic energy that aren’t economical

[5:29] Adding CO2 to the atmosphere via fossil fuels encourages plant growth

[9:25] People are only making money in wind energy because of massive subsidies and preferential treatment

[12:47] We shouldn’t be shutting down coal plants for natural gas plants and DEFINITELY not for solar



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