Jason Hartman talks with Christy Crouch on The AIPIS Show. As a sales and life coach who has been in the real estate sales business for over nineteen years and has been selling an average of 100 homes per year for the last eight years, Christy will share some valuable insights.

More at: http://aipis.org/category/podcast/. Christy is in the top 5% in her marketplace, and has been inducted into her company’s International Hall of Fame. Christy has trained, coached, and mentored in real estate sales and life coaching for the duration of her career and is excited about making a difference for all our customers and clients. At her company, “You’re The Difference,” they are committed to bring all that they have learned to you in a format and structure that can help you realize your full potential. There are no quick fixes, magic pills, or any mystery other than showing you how YOU are the one that makes it all happen.  Quote for the day: “Invest in places that make sense so you can afford to live in places that don’t make sense” – Jason Hartman

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