Finding an alternative to a traditional bank loan may not be as hard as you think. In addition to hard money lenders, financing companies such as Visio Financial offer short- and medium-term limits with significant interest rates. They offer no-document loans, which simply require a credit score to secure financing. The higher your score, the lower the rate.

Key Takeaways:

[02:33] We started out as a captive lender

[04:02] Our suite of products include short- and medium-term, plus document-free financing

[06:18] We can offer loans to investors who have reached their Fannie limit

[09:34] Buy and hold financing at 12% on a 3-year balloon

[11:50] Our borrowers have credit scores within the low 600s

[12:54] We have multiple sources of capital

[14:17] The higher your credit score the lower your interest

[14:52] Bridge financing is an interest-only product option

[16:00] Example of an innovative way to use our product

[17:54] Go to our website and tell us what you want, and you’ll get immediate pricing

[18:40] Jeff’s overall view on the economy

[21:23] What is the margin of error in flipping?

[23:31] While it may be a good time to be a landlord, it may be hard to find good rental properties

[25:15] People with great mortgages can’t make moving make sense

[27:45] Our annual survey is available on our website


Visio Financial Services



Visio Financial only requires your credit score to provide you will short- and medium-term document-free loans.

When an investor has reached their Fannie Mae limit, they can come to us for additional financing.”

This economy may be leading us to the best time in recent history to be a landlord.

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