The ethical considerations of embryonic stem therapy has dominated the news off and on for decades but what about adult stem cells? Therapies associated with these lesser known cells are impressive in their own right. Jason Hartman welcomes Dr. Jane Cases. founder and Chief Medical Officer of Wellness 360 Comprehensive Lifestyle Center to episode #34 of The Longevity Show for an informative discussion on the OTHER stem cell.

Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy

Readers of a certain age might recall the days when the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was mocked on the cover of The Enquirer for sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber. For all his other faults, alleged and actual, it turns out Jackson might have been onto something after all.

Jason was curious how and why hyperbaric chambers work? As one of her go-to restorative and anti-aging therapies, Dr. Jane was happy to elaborate. A hyperbaric chamber maintains oxygen at a higher than atmospheric pressure level. The chamber itself may be rigid or flexible and delivers higher levels of regenerative oxygen to deeper areas of the body like the brain, bones.

What Does Modern Medicine Think?

Why doesn’t your average family doctor keep a hyperbaric chamber in a back room for easy access? As with many new (or new-agey) technologies, Medicare and Medicaid have been slow to jump on board, having approved hyperbaric chamber use only for certain conditions associated with Type 2 Diabetes.

As an emergent technology, there is little in the way of studies or scientific evidence to prove that these chambers are a legitimate medical treatment.

Adult Stem Cells

As mentioned, embryonic stem cells aren’t the only game in town. Dr. Jane and others have long been proponents of adult stem cell therapy, a process which has one huge advantage, primarily that there are no ethical problems since the cells come from a patient’s own tissue. Adult stem cells are taken from fat found in places like bone marrow or adipose tissue around the abdomen.

After harvesting, the cells are injected into troublesome areas like knees, where it results in the growth of new cartilage, or it can supercharge the healing process where there has been a bone break. As the most primitive of cells, an adult stem cell has the capacity to transform itself into different kind of cells. In order for the process to work, the cells must be re-injected soon after harvest.

The Trouble With Embryonic Stem Cells

Embryonic stem cells are much more powerful and versatile than adult stem cells. Where adult cells can regrow tissue, embryonic stem cells can regrow entire organs or even beings. Remember Dolly the sheep? The problem (and it’s a big one) is that embryonic cells must come from a fertilized egg. Is the egg living? Since the host is destroyed by the harvesting process, the issue of whether or not it is alive has become one of the great moral issues of our time. Does life start at conception? Good luck finding consensus on that one.

Global Regulation of Stem Cell Use

As is often the case, stem cell use as a healing therapy is more tightly regulated in the United States than other corners of the world. Europe, Mexico, and Southeast Asia, in particular, have approved a more liberal and far-ranging use of adult stem cells.

For that reason, Dr. Jane, operating in the United States, can make few curative claims for her work with adult stem cells as a healing agent. FDA requirements only allow for cells to be reinjected right away. No storing for future use.

What Problems Can Adult Stem Cells Solve?

Lack of curative claims aside, Dr. Jane’s clinic refers to adult stem cell therapy as one option in treating arthritis, ligament or tendon tears, alzheimer’s, type-2 diabetes, and COPD. Additionally, such treatments have gained popularity as a general anti-aging therapy.

Part of the Big Picture

With no long term studies available yet to support the efficacy of stem cell therapy, Dr. Cases suggests interested persons should consider it as a part of an overall “back to basics” approach to a healthy lifestyle. Practices to include are exercise, diet, hyperbaric chamber sessions, vitamin supplementation, and stem cell therapy delivered by IV for repair and restoration of injured body areas.

The Big Question: Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

The question as to whether or not stem cell therapy works is not an easy one for Dr. Jane to answer. The process is in its infancy and long term benefits may not be recognized for months or years. As we’ve mentioned before, it’s a new technology without much in the way of traditional research to support or debunk it. One thing we do know is that it decreases inflammation, and inflammation is one of the most pervasive threats our health.

The Next Breakthrough in Medicine Will Be…

Over-the-counter stem cell therapy anyone? Dr. Jane envisions a day in the not-too-distant future when a patient can receive a prescription for the treatment and administer it at home through self-injection. Expect medicines and treatments in this field to move forward in a big way.

The Website

You can learn more about adult stem cell therapy and Dr. Jane’s line of hair and skin rejuvenation products (Healing Saints) at the website . She claims that hair can be regrown even in men or women who have had baldness for two or three decades. (Image: Flickr | lwpkommunikacio)

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