Jason Hartman talks with Jarrett Gross about 3D printed homes. How close to reality are they? Can you really get them for $10,000? Will it completely disrupt the housing market? Listen in as the two explore what’s currently being printed, and what’s in store.

Key Takeaways:

[3:12] The $10,000 printed home is a myth

[9:18] What do 3D printed homes mean to the real estate industry?

[13:16] Google search trends for 3D printing have held a sustained spike recently

[16:25] One Colorado company is making 3D printed mud huts that are surprisingly strong and surprisingly cheap

[23:08] Many builders tent their build to better the quality

[28:59] 3D printing could be important to building in space

[33:29] How far off are commercially viable homes?

[36:49] There are 2 components to every real estate deal



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