Key Takeaways:

[2:18] What’s so great about assisted living?

[3:47] Gene’s assisted living program is in a single family home and licensed by the state

[6:45] Liabilities should be covered by an annual umbrella policy

[8:41] None of the medical services are provided under this design

[9:41] The resident’s family members know the elder is taken care of

[10:36] Independent living, institutional living and continuous care retirement community

[11:35] Seniors control 70% of the assets in America today

[12:12] Make a higher profit by running a private pay assisted living home

[13:32] Which states have opportunities for residential assisted homes?

[18:54] Understanding the profit behind the evaluations

[20:40] Factor in the time spent for renovations and licensing

[23:13] What do you want out of your real estate investment?

[24:52] The baby boomer demographics and statistics are astounding

[25:41] Get a free report at and mention Jason’s show

[26:15] Do good and do well

[27:50] The tsunami of adult care is still about 15 years out


Residential Assisted Living Academy



If you think of an institution when you hear assisted living, think again.”

“The silver tsunami is getting ready to make landfall, will you be profiting from it or paying for it?

Private pay residential assisted living homes are making record profits and destined to increase in value.

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