Dr. John Rush, Chief Operating Officer of Cenegenics, thinks it’s about time everyone took a proactive approach to managing their aging process. Thanks to a pervasive marketing campaign, there’s a good chance you are aware of the company, at least at a periphery level. Jason Hartman welcomes Dr. Rush to episode #37 of The Longevity Show to discuss why Cenegenics is better than your average “executive health” program.

How Cenegenics Started

The company was founded in 1997 by Alan Mintz and John Adams. Mintz, in particular, found himself reading an article about nursing homes as nothing more than modern day holding areas where people go to die. The study went on to discuss the reality that the problem wasn’t that the facilities were inherently bad places but that people stopped moving. Movement is life! Testosterone supplementation resulted in a drastic improvement in the residents’ mobility. Many confined to bed were able to climb into wheelchairs. Those in wheelchairs began to walk.

Cenegenics grew out of that initial reading. Mintz and Adams devised a program intended to help patients reach optimum health, live longer, and experience more vitality. Rush talked to Jason about the four primary areas of the Cenegenics program.

Nutrition is Where It Starts

The interesting part about the Cenegenics approach is that it does not prescribe a particular diet that must be adhered to in a slavish manner. Instead, patients are taught to eat what God made in its most natural state. The program teaches to avoid soda, bread, and other processed foods. Rush said an simple thing to practice is do the majority of your food shopping on the perimeter of the grocery store. The inner shelves are where the devil, processed food, dwells.

Why should you worry so much about nutrition? Many of America’s prevalent diseases and conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity have risen in proportion to the easy availability of fast and processed foods.

Nutraceutical Supplementation

Many health programs treat supplementation with a scattergun approach. Take a little of this and a dab of that. The problem is that, unless you have blood drawn and analyzed, you have no real idea what actual supplementation you need and what you don’t. With Cenegenics, a phlebotomist pays a visit to your house within a few days of signing up for the program. The visit only takes 10 or 15 minutes and helps provide the foundation for your doctor to create an individually tailored health plan. Blood is taken on a quarterly basis with adjustments to your supplementation made as indicated. Rush compares it to checking the oil in your car. Do it regularly or pay a steep price later.

If You Won’t Exercise, Don’t Bother With Cenegenics

How important is exercise? So important that Dr. Rush says not to bother enrolling in Cenegenics if you cannot or will not exercise. When it comes to exercise, Cenegenics suggests you undertake both cardio and resistance training. Suggested cardio takes the form of high-intensity interval training. And though resistance (weight) training is metabolically expensive (hard to get and keep muscle), it is critical in reaching optimal physical health. In addition, patients need to take at least one day a week for stretching. Yoga, pilates, or similar routines are suggested. Answer this question. What gets worse in life when you exercise? Keep in mind that a flexible person is a sexual person and what’s not to like about that?

When We Say Hormone Replacement, We Mean…

Testosterone! Remember back when Alan Mintz read the nursing home study? Cenegenics puts the lessons learned there into real world practice. A critical part of the program revolves around hormone replacement therapy via the product TA-65, which targets the delicate “cap” at each end of a cell called a telomere.

Telomeres are like the end of a shoelace, only they keep a cell from unraveling. When a cell divides, the telomere shortens infinitesimally. Eventually, the telomere can shorten no more and the cell dies. The goal of TA-65 is to increase the length of the telomere or at least stop it from shortening, therefore prolonging life span. Do you notice anything or feel different when being treated with TA-65? Dr. Rush says that you will notice a variety of positive changes from the overall effect of the Cenegenics program: better sleep, more stamina, clearer skin and healthier hair to name a few.

TA-65 Side Effects

Testosterone is powerful stuff. Rush said that men naturally lose anywhere from 1% to 3% of their body’s testosterone production each year beginning in the late 20’s or early 30’s. At that point, even if you were the most dedicated gym rat imaginable, you will still notice a physical decline because your body is a less efficient natural catalyst. Are there side effects from taking TA-65?.

Rush makes it clear that TA-65 is not a steroid, therefore does not come with that potential bag of maladies. About 2% of patients experience a thickening of the blood. In that case, Rush suggests they reduce or stop taking TA-65 altogether, or donate a pint of blood a time or two. Some men find that a testosterone supplementation regimen causes their body to convert some of it into estrogen. There’s a pill for that.

How to Get Started With Cenegenics

With 23 centers around the U.S. and Puerto Rico, you’re probably not too far from being able to take advantage of this targeted health guidance and information. Like the endless commercials from Hair Club for Men, Dr. Rush was originally a Cenegenics patient and became so impressed with the results he went to work for the company. He dropped his body fat from 36% to 11% and his waist circumference from 38 inches to 31 inches. It doesn’t matter who you ask, those are impressive stats!

About two weeks before your scheduled appointment you will receive an extensive health history  form to fill out. A doctor will review and evaluate it. On the day of your office visit expect to be at the clinic from 9 am to 4 pm. Dress as if you’re going to the gym because you’ll be tested performing exercise routines like pushups, situps, all while wearing an oxygen mask to monitor your fitness level. Where other executive health programs, such as found at the Mayo Clinic, focus on finding disease, Cenegenics tries to move everything into the optimal range. Big difference.

You will spend about two hours in the afternoon with a physician to review the results and will leave the office with a diet, exercise, and supplement plan in hand. Quarterly blood tests allow program adjustments to be made as needed.

What Does Insurance Think About Cenegenics?

Cenegenics does not participate in any insurance program. The only way they can help is to provide a receipt for the lab work. Some health savings plan’s offer a partial reimbursement for that.

Rush closed by saying: “You know when you’re not feeling right. Come see us.” Learn more about the program by visiting www.Cenegenics.com. (Image: Flickr | GreggMP)

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