Recently on, we discussed how sometimes it gets extremely tempting to put off the most difficult tasks until the end of the day. This usually involves doing the fun, yet unconstructive, things first, like sharpening pencils and checking e-mail. This natural tendency toward procrastination is a destructive one that could lead to the loss of wealth. Here are the major points we covered in the article.

• With the success Jason Hartman has seen in income property investment, he’s learned a lot about productivity.

• If there’s anything up-and-comers should come to know, it’s that starting the work day strong makes a huge difference in how much actually gets done.

• The work completed within the first hour of the day can and will set the scene for how fruitful the rest of the work day actually is.

• If the procrastination doesn’t end, that first bit of your work day could determine the rest of your working life and ultimately lead to failure or the loss of money.

• To start the day off strong, try hard to resist the “e-mail temptation.”

• For example, if your boss actually knew how much time you frittered away checking e-mail, you could lose your job.

• Don’t even glance at e-mail for the first working hour of your job. We believe that the e-mail temptation might be the number one detailer of proficient working habits.

• If a typical morning involves sitting down in front of the computer, shirt mis-buttoned and eyes half open, coffee in one hand and mouse moving listlessly in the other, starting the day with a nice e-mail checkup… think again. The day won’t be as productive as you might think.

• Before you know it, you’ll be all over the place, shooting responses to people in places that aren’t even relevant to your work load.

• Unfortunately, this does nothing but waste time. To avoid having this happen to you, take the advice given by Mark Twain and pick up a frog and eat it to start the day. The concept is, if you start the day by picking up a frog and eating it, essentially getting the nasty stuff out of the way, the day can only improve from that point on.

As Mark Twain suggests, buckle down and get the important tasks done before looking at your e-mail. Begin the day with practical tasks for a fruitful work day. This will help you build a bright future and increase your chances of financial success.

Interested in learning more? Read the full article, “Is THIS Habit Costing You Wealth?” for more information about how being productive at the start of a work day can effectively stop procrastination. Visit for more in-depth investment and financial strategies to help first responders’ build a positive financial future.

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