Dr. David Madow’s advice to get rid of whatever makes you miserable sounds patronizing at first. But then you hear the guy talk. His naturally high energy level is so evident from the first sentence he speaks that you know instantly the dude has tapped into something good. Madow is a dentist by trade and host of The David Madow Lifestyle Show by choice. Jason welcomes this fellow podcaster to the airwaves for episode #35 of The Longevity Show.

The Good Doctor’s Philosophy

If you’ve arrived here looking for the latest, greatest fad to hit the “better health” market, you might be in for a letdown. Dr. Madow is all about increasing your happiness level through tried and true practices that sound so simple as to almost be insulting. What works? Diet, exercise, and eliminating stress and unhappiness, of course.

While we can’t change our basic genetics (yet), we can control the daily amount of stress and unhappiness we endure. Madow has made it his life’s mission to educate and motivate the citizenry into making those changes.

Sorry, You Can’t Control Genetics

Ever hear the story of some guy or gal that lives to be 103, smokes unfiltered cigarettes, and knocks back straight whiskey every day of their stinking life? It happens, there’s no doubt about it, but it is the exception, not the rule. Some people just won life’s lottery and have strong enough genetics to withstand a century of chemical and free radical abuse. Think how long they might live had they taken care of themselves!

The reality is that some of us have great genes and some of us got crap, and there ain’t a darn thing to be done about it. Let’s move on to the things we can control.

Get Job Happy

Madow’s opinion, hands down, is that the most important factor in achieving a healthy lifestyle is to first be happy. Once the happiness exists, everything else tends to fall into place. Since most of us spend around a one-third of our lives at a job, it’s essential to be happy with what you’re doing and where you’re doing it.

Hate your job? Fine. The great thing is you can change it! Madow suggests your first efforts should be to fix the job itself by making adjustments (if possible) to make it more tolerable. If you can’t, there’s a little thing called quitting, and it might be time to think long and hard about it.

Get Relationship Happy

As a man who didn’t get into the right marriage until his second try, Madow understands the debilitating effect an unhappy relationship can have on your health. It’s easy to find reasons to stay together: kids, complacency, blah blah blah. The thing you have to realize is that a bad relationship holds everyone back. Nobody involved (and that includes kids) has a chance to find happiness with all that underlying stress in the household. You owe it to yourself and the family to quit deferring the inevitable. Your heart is a good guide. If it tells you something is amiss with your relationship to your significant other, maybe it’s time to listen.

Facing the Overweight Issue

According to Dr. Madow, recent statistics show that 50% of first world countries are overweight and a full 33% meet the clinical definition of obese. It’s no secret why. We’re overeating, eating the wrong foods, too much fast food, processed food, and WAY too many soft drinks. Madow’s approach is not to obsess on counting calories or following any specific media-hyped diet plan but rather to simply eat smaller portions of natural, whole foods.

Going Vegan is Not Necessary

Though Madow has recently gone vegan (no animal products) and looks great for having done so, he doesn’t believe that such a strict regimen is required to turn your life around. Smaller action steps can have a tremendous effect on how you look and feel. For example, it’s obvious that most restaurants serve ridiculously over-sized portions. Make it a habit to ask for a to-go bag as you order and put half your food into the bag the moment it hits the table. Voila! Two meals for the price of one.

In addition to avoiding processed, chemical-laden foods, use smaller plates and enjoy five or six smaller meals rather than three large ones. They’re easier for your body to process.

Gotta Join a Gym? Maybe Not

Madow isn’t against joining a gym but he does make the point that it may be an unnecessary use of time and money. His exercise of choice? Walk, walk, and walk some more. In fact, he believes that four miles is a sort of magic goal, and you should strive to hit it each time you pound the pavement. Daily walks would be best, but doing it one time a week is better than none.

What are the Secret Nutritional Supplements?

You might not be surprised to learn that Dr. Madow is not a proponent of megadoses of supplements. He theory is, if you’re eating the right kinds of food, that’s where your nutrition should come from. The one concession he does make to the multi-billion dollar industry is a one-a-day multivitamin.

What Size Do You Wear?

Jason brings up an interesting side note regarding clothing sizes. His perception is that, though the sizes have increased, the language remains the same. For example, does a medium t-shirt seem much larger than it used to? And did 2XL and 3XL even used to exist?
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Dr. Madow is a gregarious, energetic, entertaining fellow. You can learn lots more about him and subscribe to his podcast at SliceYourAge.com. And don’t miss his latest book, Impress the World With Your Body in Seven Days. (Image: Flickr | Chris Hunkeler)<

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