Save 10% monthly by managing your own properties with free software.Self-management tools often boast ease of use and shortcuts to save you time but don’t always deliver. Cozy and Landlordology are property management tools which offer end to end online self-management solutions. Both tenants and property managers benefit from the monthly automatic rent collection feature as well as the integrated application process. If you think doing a background check along with a credit report will help qualify renters qualifications then sign up for Cozy today.

Key Takeaways:

Jason’s Editorial:

[1:20] What time is it? It’s an amazing time to be alive
[2:44] Income investment strength versus deflation
[5:00] Deferring your tax liability
[7:02] Inflation induced debt destruction
[9:03] Debt transfers wealth from the lenders to the borrowers in an inflationary environment
[10:33] What gets rewarded, gets repeated
[10:57] Deflation makes debt more burdensome
[13:40] Use the voicemail feature at for your questions
[14:09] Sign up for the Meet the Masters event in Dubai

Lucas Hall Guest Interview:

[16:27] Lucas teaches managers how to manage their own properties
[18:23] You need to get your message out there – try postlets
[19:56] Hire a real estate photographer for great photos of your property
[24:44] Going over your general requirements before meeting at the property will save time
[26:04] A 2-year lease provides extra security for the tenant
[27:34] What is a landlord’s open house?
[29:28] Possible new tenants can submit an application as soon as they leave the property viewing
[31:20] Cozy is an end to end property management platform
[35:09] Rent collection can be difficult for property managers
[40:47] Property managers can garnish wages to collect back rent
[41:51] Automating your rent collection will make it easier for owner and tenant
[42:39] Resources are available on



“Have you ever tried a landlord’s open house? It saves you time and creates a sense of urgency.”

“Two-year lease provides a sense of security for the tenant and alerts them to upcoming rent increases.”

“Qualified renters are able to submit an application immediately after leaving the showing by utilizing Cosy’s online services.”

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