Today’s episode features Gary talking with veteran Michael Diamond, General Manager of Payments at Mitek Systems in San Diego. Michael and Gary discuss the unique skills that servicement learn, and how you can use those skills to your advantage after you get out of the service.

Key Takeaways:

[10:53] The military needs unique skill sets for some things, and likes to borrow them from civilian life

[12:39] One of the primary reasons Michael left the service

[15:14] How Michael’s transition out of the military went

[21:11] The constant question you need to ask yourself

[25:19] Michael is more of an interpreneur, and what kind of opportunities that opens up for him

[29:54] When you come out of the military you’re in a good position because people have respect for the armed forces, but there are some negative biases you have to overcome as well

[34:32] The areas Michael’s blog focuses on


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