Jason talks a little bit about mastermind groups and touches on an article that was released by USA Today on the subject of investments. Jason brings up some very interesting points on the minimum wage discussion as well as talks about conflict of interests in financial advisers. As always, Jason shares some timeless wisdom about the US dollar, commandments to live by, and more.

Key Takeaways:

9:45 – Minimum wage increases always causes inflation.

15:00 – Give yourself small rewards along the way

17:40 Jason talks about commandment number nine

17:20 – The American work space is getting smaller as more people work from home

27: 15 – Jason talks about the gold bugs and other forms of currency

31:45 – The US dollar will still be the reserve currency

34:10 – Jason does a deep dive into his personal commandments

41:40 – There is no such thing as passive income

45:00 – Jason’s company looks for landlord friendly markets.


USA Today – Retirement Savings

Newser – Losing Your Office Space

Business Insider – US Dollar Trade

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