Gary Pinkerton talks with Jake Wood, CEO of Team Rubicon, about the origin of his company, the mission of his company, and the impact of his company. Staffed mainly by veterans, Team Rubicon has been aiding in crisis situations since the earthquake in Haiti.

Gary and Jake talk about the various programs Team Rubicon has available to those (specifically veterans) who want to serve with them, as well as the areas they’re currently expanding into, and why the community inspired by their group is a good next step from the service.

Key Takeaways:

[3:35] Team Rubicon was founded in response to the devastation in Haiti

[10:00] What did Jake do after he left the service and how did Team Rubicon come out of that?

[12:30] What sets Team Rubicon apart?

[16:15] Team Rubicon actually has a program geared toward people exiting the service

[21:22] What’s the difference between Team Rubicon Global and Team Rubicon US?

[23:55] As you leave the service and look to find a solid sense of community and mission, be careful how you fill the void


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