Dr. Vitale believes when you learn to get clean with money and stop self sabotaging your financial future you will start to attract more money to you. You must first get through the filters that are your beliefs and see what is really possible to know you are deserving of living a wealthy life. When you want something and have the means to obtain it you should buy it to reinforce an unconscious belief of worthiness. And, always give back a portion of your good fortune to create a bond of trust in the universe.

Key Takeaways:

[1:43] Lock in your government backed 30 year loans while you have a W2

[4:19] The capability of the human brain is astounding

[5:36] The Baader-Meinhof Syndrome https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Frequency_illusion

[8:33] The power of meditation and journaling is teaching your subconscious what’s important to you

[9:59] Be the person, do the things, then you will have

Joe Vitale Interview:

[12:16] Dr. Vitale has been working on this lately

[15:22] The 2 reasons you don’t let money into your life

[16:25] Get clean with money, money isn’t evil money is neutral

[18:18] The Secret is an introduction to an idea

[19:18] Taking inspired action after visualising your want

[21:17] Our conscious beliefs are us in the waking world

[23:54] The 7 steps in the free Attract Money Now book

[25:54] The difference between a fact and a belief

[29:35] The psychology around prosperous purchasing

[32:02] No one is preventing you from making more money

[33:33] Give 10% of what you have to what or who inspires you

[37:38] Think like an entrepreneur and look for opportunities

[38:14] Listen for complaints and make the product or service solution

[40:44] Mr. Fire ignites something in people



Attractor Factor

Life’s Missing Instruction Manual

Attract Money Now

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