Gary Pinkerton talks with David Pere, active duty Marine, real estate investor and creator of From Military to Millionaire, about David’s real estate journey, and how he’s used the VA loan to his advantage (and how you can too).

The two also discuss strategies new real estate investors can utilize to grow their portfolio faster, extra benefits that come from being a serviceman, and why networking is so crucial.

Key Takeaways:

[6:40] David didn’t understand the VA loan well enough to use it for his first property

[10:57] Gary thinks young real estate investors should seriously consider buying duplexesa nd living in one side

[15:44] Gary’s issue with the BRRRR strategy

[17:31] The biggest misconception about the VA loan

[22:05] What David offers to consumers and how the other factors of being active duty actually make his pay higher than what his W2 says

[25:53] David started a real estate meetup a few months ago because networking is so important


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