Gary Pinkerton talks with Greg Amundson, former DEA Special Agent, SWAT Operator, Army Captain, Kokoro Yoga Instructor and Krav Maga Black Belt, about his books The Warrior and the Monk and Firebreather Fitness. Gary and Greg look into finding your unique genius, why fitness, spirituality and mindfulness can all be in harmony, and more.

Key Takeaways:

[10:12] You need to find something you’re passionate about, and then find a way to bring that passion into what you’re already in

[12:03] The Warrior and the Monk

[17:21] Fitness, spirituality, and mindfulness practices don’t have to be disconnected

[22:11] Doing good deeds puts out a form of current that will eventually work its way back to you

[26:09] How to find your unique genius if you can’t see it for yourself

[30:54] You have to immediately respond when on duty, but don’t take that home with you. Be still and realize you don’t have to do everything yourself


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