Gary Pinkerton starts today’s show with some book recommendations that have had a significant impact on his life recently. He also details a little bit about his adventures in short-term rentals and what Jason’s guest Flavia Berys has taught him on the subject.

Then, Jason Hartman talks with Flavia Berys, host of the Lifestyle Solopreneur podcast and teacher at Landlord Prep, to discuss the current legal landscape of short term rentals. The fight between residents and landlords of short term rentals isn’t going to end anytime soon, but Flavia has her finger on the pulse when it comes to what’s happening right now.

She discusses where to find good, long term tenants, and gives some tips on how to properly manage your properties to get the best reviews from your tenants, and keep your things safe.

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Gary’s book recommendation: The Inside Out Revolution

[3:57] Gary’s book recommendation: The Obstacle is the Way

[5:59] Gary’s book recommendation: Willpower Doesn’t Work

Flavia Berys Interview:

[16:31] What is the status of STRs in California

[18:49] The issue of laws for STRs and property rights of the owner

[25:19] 2-3 month long rentals for traveling professionals is a great market, but where do you find them?

[28:04] You need to decide what amenities to offer from the onset

[31:21] How Flavia uses her security system, and how you have to deal with cameras and your tenants

[34:09] How remote Flavia manages her properties, and a reminder that being a STR host is MUCH more personal than being a landlord


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