Gary Pinkerton talks with Pamela Pete, Chief Master Sergeant (retired) Air Force Veteran and author of Masterful Purpose Daily and Goal Action Planner and Planner Guide, about her passions. Pamela takes a deep dive into goals, passions, and how people are misconstruing the two. Pamela also explains how she transitioned from the service to civilian life: how long it took her to adjust and what she did along the way to help, as well as how she prepared herself to take the ultimate step and start her own business.

Key Takeaways:

[4:17] How Pam discovered what her gift was at only 10 years old

[10:57] The process Pam had for people who were about to separate from the military to ensure a successful transition

[15:38] It took Pam about a year to finally put her uniforms away after leaving the service

[18:59] Everyone has fears. We have limiting beliefs that we impose on ourselves that we need to recognize and overcome

[21:47] Don’t confuse your passion with goals

[28:03] Concentrate on what you’re going to do TODAY to move you toward your goal

[29:59] Reevaluate, review and refocus Every. Single. Day.


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