Gary Pinkerton talks to Markian Sich, founder and CEO of Active Duty, Passive Income, about his journey from living in the Ukraine to joining the US Naval Academy and eventually becoming a real estate investor. The two look at the beginnings of Markian’s entrepreneurial ventures and how he discovered househacking while in the military as his way of getting in to real estate.

Key Takeaways:

[3:34] How Markian’s childhood in Ukraine shaped his life when he came back to the US at 15

[6:38] Robert Kiyosaki and Tim Ferriss changed Markian’s life

[11:24] Markian is making a transition inside the military right now

[15:16] The genesis of Markian’s military househacking writing

[21:46] Investing in turnkey properties

[24:22] Military spouses can become real estate professionals and drastically help out tax-wise


Text “Househacking” to 345345 to get a free copy of Markian’s book

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