Jason Hartman talks with Cal Newport, who details the current distraction epidemic caused by our smartphones and social media accounts. Cal believes corporations have us just where they want us by making us addicted to apps and programs which feed us non-stop advertisements and shape our buying habits. He discusses his books, Deep Work and So Good They Can’t Ignore You while offering strategies designed to break your addiction.

Key Takeaways:

[5:42] Cal explains the foundation for his two popular books

[7:33] Modern digital handheld devices offer a true test of a person’s ability to focus

[12:03] Measuring the impact of your digital behavior to make a bigger impact

[14:30] How to break the addiction of digital devices

[20:01] Developing a Deep Work habit

[25:41] The distinction between productivity and true productivity

[27:02] Apps and strategies for people who need to maintain connections but also want to focus

[29:48] The title So Good They Can’t Ignore You was inspired by Steve Martin

[34:22] Social Media doesn’t add much profit to your business unless your business is social media.



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