Gary Pinkerton talks with Dr Samuel Mitcham, U.S. Army helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War and author of the new book Desert Fox: The Stories Military Career of Erwin Rommel, about what led him to write about Rommel and why he decided to become a writer. Dr Mitcham also explains to Gary what characteristics seem to be the most apparent in those who are successful leaders as well as giving some advice to those who are about to leave active duty.

Key Takeaways:

[2:24] How did Samuel become an author?

[6:56] The story of Rommel’s illegitimate daughter

[11:30] When Rommel asked Hitler for control of a division in 1939, he then proceeded to capture over 97,000 prisoners

[14:23] What characteristics do the successful military leaders share?

[20:01] Why General Forrest caught Samuel’s attention enough to write about

[24:26] Samuel’s advice to those leaving active duty


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