Gary Pinkerton talks with Brian Kolfage, US Air Force veteran, triple amputee, co-founder of Military Grade Coffee and President & Founder of Build the Wall, Inc, about his time in the military and what he’s been doing since leaving the service. Brian’s company, We Build the Wall, has been raising money to build the border wall President Trump promised, but using private money and private property to do so. Listen in as Brian discusses how important it is for first responders and military veterans to stay involved in their community even after leaving service.

Key Takeaways:

[5:14] Brian was a part of the first Air Force unit on the ground in Iraq after 9/11

[8:42] After Brian’s injury he decided to get a degree in architecture, then started up a coffee business as well as getting involved in politics

[11:22] How Brian’s GoFundMe for the border wall has transitioned over time

[15:26] Whether you’re a first responder or a military veteran, you took an oath to protect the people of this country, and Brian thinks it’s an oath that isn’t broken just because you’ve left the service. You have to keep standing up to help keep your country strong


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