Gary Pinkerton talks with Andre Alexsen, author of USA Relentless, as well as My Relentless Life. Andres has trained with and helped train the US Military, Army, Special Ops, PJs, Navy Seals, Marine Corps, Black Hawk Crews, and Border Patrol from his Dad’s Private Military Government Contracted Ranch in Arizona where the Dillion Mini Guns got started and was exDoD private contractor. Throughout the years, Andre has used his weapon expertise to work for Law Enforcement, P.I. Firms, Private Security, and has successfully made many arrests and saved lives. He is now an accomplished Stuntman Actor, Stunt Coordinator, Daredevil TV show host, Action director, wild animal handler trainer, skydiver, scuba diver, adrenaline junkie, weapons expert, auto racer, stunt driver, and much more.


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