Gary Pinkerton talks with DEA Agent Larry Hardin, author of Path of the Devil and Fighting My Greatest Enemy: Myself. After serving over thirty years, Larry retired from the Federal government, United States Department of Justice, as a Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

His book Path of the Devil chronicles a story of true events that occurred from 1991-1996. Larry and two private investigators, Jeff Pearce and Randy Torgerson, were determined to bring down the Meraz organization along the southwestern border. For five years the three men spearheaded two separate, and simultaneous investigations in different locations that eventually merged.

Jeff and Randy provided information to Larry to build his case when they found the Meraz’s were working with corrupt employees of their California client. The Meraz’s attempted to murder two DEA agents (1970s) and were connected to the murders of Kiki Camerena, George Montoya, Paul Seema, Jose Montoya, Dan Elkins, and Michael Crowe.


Path of the Devil

Fighting My Greatest Enemy: Myself: Trust in God

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