Jason Hartman and Gary Pinkerton review recent news articles which impact income property investors. Does an excess of tower cranes in an area tell a tale of a future bubble? Can you afford the rent in a large US city and still have a savings account? How does the sharing economy can make life better for consumers? And later in the show, Jason and Gary answer listener questions and Gary describes how to use a life insurance policy to make a down payment on your next income property.

Key Takeaways:

[04:21] Jason and Gary review an article about how a tower crane can indicate a real estate bubble.

[11:43] The Income Needed to Pay Rent in the Largest U.S. Cities by Derek Miller.

[13:55] Bloomberg’s article, What a London Cabbie Taught Me About Uber.

[15:50] The New Human Rights Movement by Peter Joseph doesn’t look at the whole picture.

[20:27] Jason and Gary answer Derek’s question about appreciation submitted during the Airpods raffle.

[29:45] Gary explains how to borrow money from your own insurance policy to buy income properties or make necessary repairs.






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