Business conscious people are leaving California in droves. Expert, Author, Attorney, Speaker and Advisor, Garrett Sutton shares his insight as to possible reasons for the mass exodus. He also describes the latest changes to IRS rules regarding LLCs and LPs, how income property investors can protect themselves from internal and external threats and how property holders can avoid large transfer taxes by utilizing a 1031 Exchange.

Garrett will be speaking during the upcoming Meet the Masters of Income Property in January 2018.

Key Takeaways:

Gary Intro:

[2:45] It’s important to protect yourself from inside and outside attacks

[5:30] California keeps making it harder to protect yourself

Garrett Sutton Interview:

[9:47] California’s LLC, Estate, and Transfer Tax grabs.

[15:40] Hey California! A 1031 Exchange is supposed to be tax-free.

[21:02] New IRS rules for auditing LLCs and LP’s.

[26:20] The importance of choosing the right state to form and hold your LLC.

[34:52] Garrett Sutton explains the internal and the external attacks on LLCs.


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