Gary Pinkerton talks with Julian Simmons, former Army basketball player, about his journey into real estate investing. Julian started out in finance doing the typical things like stocks & bonds, but eventually realized he was taking risk he didn’t need to take. Once he decided to invest in real estate, he saw his world open up.

Julian & Gary discuss Julian’s rental journey, his investing criteria, how he self-manages his properties, and what we can learn from habits of the family office.

Key Takeaways:

[8:04] Some of Julian’s biggest leadership takeaways

[11:40] Qualifying people under you is one of the most important things a leader can do

[12:27] How Julian and his wife have gone about aquiring their rental homes

[17:55] 2017 saw Julian and his wife start purchasing homes outside of their posts

[19:31] Julian’s criteria for buying rental property & the BRRRR strategy

[22:50] Julian’s experience self-managing his properties

[26:58] Military & first responders seem to make really good self-managers

[29:21] We can learn a lot by looking at the habits of family offices, even if you don’t have $100 million


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