Gary Pinkerton starts off the show today talking about the definition the founders intended when they put down “pursuit of happiness”, how it’s been twisted by Americans today, and what a smaller government could mean.

Then, Jason introduces his guest, and Meet the Masters headline speaker, former Senator Dr. Ron Paul. The two examine what liberty really means, what governments role actually is, the damage our educational system is doing to our society, and what should be done with the federal income tax.

Key Takeaways:

[10:31] What is the meaning of liberty, according to Ron Paul?

[15:20] How do you draw the line about what the government should be involved in?

[18:50] Ron Paul’s liberty amendment to end income tax

[22:28] Progressive education has harmed our nation

[25:15] What business is it of the government to involve themselves in so many aspects of our lives?

[27:36] Many governmental programs have distorted markets like student loans and housing markets

[31:53] Distorted prices and manipulating the currency and tax codes makes people worry about gaining the best tax advantage rather than getting the highest return or providing the most value

[35:07] Inflation, from the government and central bank point of view, seems to be a great business plan


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