Gary Pinkerton talks with Franz Sedelmayer, CEO of Multinational Asset Recovery Company, LLC, about his time suing the Russian Federation and becoming the sole person to collect on a claim against Russia. The two also discuss the massive imbalance in how Russia is perceived by citizens of the world vs how much power they actually wield, and how 9/11 changed not just America, but Europe as well.

Key Takeaways:

[7:56] Franz was hopefully in the 90s that Russia would become a successful democracy, but then things went wrong starting in 1993

[11:08] Why Franz doesn’t think Americans should be too concerned about Putin or Russia

[15:15] The biggest problem in the world’s relationship with Russia right now

[19:26] What life in Europe has been like since 9/11

[21:04] Franz’s take on Trump & Russia


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