Jason Hartman talks with former CIA operative Jason Hanson, founder of Spy Escape and Evasion. The former spy dedicates his life to helping people find the balance between enjoying life, and being prepared in case disaster strikes. The Jasons talk about simple travel tips that can protect you, how to escape from hostage situations, tips when you’re on the run, and other topics. Jason Hanson has a 320 acre facility called “Spy Ranch” where he teachers people things like evasive driving, shooting, and cyber security.

He’s the author of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life, and had a show on the Vegas strip.

Key Takeaways:

[4:10] 1 simple thing you can do while checking into a hotel to protect yourself

[5:26] The 4 floors you should look at staying on when staying at a hotel

[8:31] What to do if you’re in a kidnap situation

[11:51] How your mindset needs to change if you get captured

[14:15] Jason’s offer of 2 free tickets to his Vegas show for listeners

[15:59] Two quick tips if you’re ever on the run

[19:25] Two things everyone should have in case of an emergency

[21:40] The only survival foods that will actually last 20+ years


Baofeng Radios

Tactical Axe/Tomahawk



Free Offer:
Email [email protected] and mention “Jason Hartman’s Holistic Survival Free Ticket Offer” (please check listings to see if Jason’s show is still available)

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