Today’s Flash Back Friday takes us to Episode 59, from July 27, 2012.

If there’s a terrorist attack on a US city, are you prepared? What will you do? How will you escape the immediate danger that being in a major US city presents? Where can you relocate that is actually safe?

Today’s world is a complex, and frightening, place. Jason Hartman talks with Joel Skousen, political scientist, about foreign and domestic affairs, why it’s important to have a relocation strategy, and preparing for self-sufficiency.

Joel Skousen is a political scientist who specializes in the philosophy of law and Constitutional theory. He also designs high security residences and retreats, which he’s done all over North American, as well as consulting on locations in Central America.

Joel wrote the book Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places, and frequently consults with people who have a need to relocate for security reasons. He is a former fighter pilot for the Marine Corps during Vietnam, and served as Chairman of the Conservative National Committee in the 1980s.


Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places

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