Today’s Flash Back Friday takes us to Episode 93 from June 2012.

The Ultimate Zapper inventor, Ken Presner, talks with Jason about an interesting alternative to healing from many illnesses and diseases. Ken shares some of his story about his amazing recovery from Multiple Sclerosis and near fatal experience with Crohn’s disease. Ken was inspired by Dr. Hulda Clark, who invented the original parasite zapper in 1993, to invent a zapper that includes what is called the Electroporation Effect. This type of therapy enhances the body’s cells’ uptake of medicine and vitamin and mineral supplements. Ken discusses the different types of therapeutic benefits achieved through zapping, from maintaining health in a healthy person to ridding the body of parasites, bacteria, fungus and toxins, even cancer. Every person’s body contains parasites and many parasites, bacteria and toxins may eventually affect the body’s pathology. Ken also covers some of the scientific research, explaining frequencies and the destructive or healing effect of various frequencies. He also addresses issues with the FDA, mercury fillings, and the importance of recognizing the root of pathologies, whether they are metals or chemical.


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