The civil rights movement and social justice movements of today are not helping to advance the black community one bit. We’re still stuck in the same identity politics game that causes individuals to feel they are victims who can’t get ahead.

Jesse Lee Peterson, however, believes that these movements are holding people of all races back and that it’s time to shed the label of identity politics and move all people forward. He believes with all his heart that President Trump is going to advance black society leaps and bounds more than Obama did, and that a crucial first step is one of the main premises of Trump’s campaign, securing the border.

Key Takeaways:

[2:12] The impact of African-American leaders preaching victimhood

[5:17] The importance of Trump’s statement that minorities may as well take a chance with him because it can’t be worse than what they’ve gotten for decades

[9:09] What Jesse believes Trump will do for the black community

[11:21] The impact securing the border will have on African-American men

[13:55] How Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin’s parents failed them

[20:01] When Jesse became a full fledged supporter of Donald Trump


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