There’s a continuous wave of terror attacks across our nation and across the world, but it’s not being reported on like it should. Jason Hartman talks with Pamela Geller, defender of the freedom of speech against attempts to force the West to accept Sharia blasphemy laws, and against Sharia self-censorship by Western media outlets.

Pamela and Jason discuss her new book, Fatwa: Hunted in America, and what people need to know about FBI investigations, online censorship, and how people still have the power to enact change.

Key Takeaways:

[1:42] What caused Pamela to write Fatwa: Hunted in America

[3:59] Defining what Pamela is referring to when she mentions 30,000 attacks, and where you can find a list of them

[6:31] People are being slaughtered in order to violently intimidate people into adhering to Sharia

[9:44] The media in Europe is refusing to report stories of terror attacks, and Jason believes it’s a precursor to America

[13:19] The story of why the attack in Las Vegas happened has some questionable elements, and why the FBI isn’t the organization to trust about this

[16:41] ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Las Vegas shooting 4 times but we won’t accept it. Trump needs to drain the swamp in the FBI

[19:10] Google and Facebook’s online censoring

[23:56] Why Pamela’s YouTube channel was shut down, and how she got it reinstated


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