Jason Hartman talks with John Ziegler, conservative columnist, investigative reporter, commentator and documentary filmmaker. Today the two are discussing fake news, and how it’s being used by politicians by Trump but also news outlets in general.

The two also discuss the liberal nature of media in general, the ESPN scandal, how Trump was elected, and what impact that’s had on the Republican party.

Key Takeaways:

[2:33] Why the fake news concept has taken off

[5:00] The mainstream media might be the most targeted for “fake news”, but Twitter/Facebook/Google might be the biggest threat to free speech & real news

[9:48] What went on in the ESPN scandal

[13:09] The #1 thing every person should understand about the media

[15:30] Trump could only happen because everyone was scared of losing their job at Fox News, so they jumped on the bandwagon

[18:20] Trump has fractured the Republican party, and whether Trump will turn Democrat in the 2nd half of his term

[21:12] The economy hasn’t had a pullback in a long time, which is unprecedented, but many anecdotal tells are suggesting people have more disposable income than you’d think





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