Today’s Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 158, originally published in July 2013.

Hank Steinberg is the acclaimed creator of the award-winning CBS series “Without a Trace” and HBO’s 61. He’s also author of the new book, “Out of Range.”

Steinberg is an accomplished screenwriter and producer. Now, he’s making his mark in the realm of publishing with a debut that is already one of the breakout thrillers of the summer. Steinberg discusses his book, “Out of Range.” The war on terror is a major aspect of the novel. Steinberg shares his outlook and whether we can expect more terror in the U.S. Steinberg is also working on a screenplay of “Out of Range” for Paramount Pictures. 

Now that Steinberg is in publishing, he shares what the shift was like… from writing for television to writing novels. He is currently writing and producing the forthcoming TNT series “The Last Ship” with Michael Bay. 


Out of Range: A Novel

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