There are thousands of podcasts on the internet, each with it’s own unique personality and flair. With so many for audiences to listen to, how can you get your podcast noticed? What can you do to make sure your podcast is the best it can be? Jason Hartman, President of Platinum Properties Investors Network, has been creating high-quality podcasts since 2007. For 10 years, Jason has devoted himself to improving his craft and making sure that audiences get the podcast that they want. Jason Hartman has accrued a lot of knowledge over the years, and he prides himself on spreading that knowledge to those who are ready and willing to get started making podcasts of their own. Here are the tips that Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investor Network wants you to be keeping in mind when crafting your podcast from the ground up.

Jason Hartman Says: Have Something to Offer That People Want

Many podcasts focus in on a topic, but aren’t clear on the specifics of what value they hold for listeners. What does/will your podcast offer to it’s listeners? Is it informative AND entertaining? More importantly, make sure that your podcast isn’t offering something that the audience doesn’t want. Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investors Network wants you to go out and study your intended audience by making social connections, hunting around on forums and blogs, and reaching out to individuals who can tell you what they’d like to get out of a podcast on your given topic.

Remember, however, that you don’t need to be an expert in the field that your podcast centers around, though you should have a healthy internet in your topic and an open mind. Often times, you may find that the experts and other guests that you invite to speak during you episodes teach you more about the subject. As is often the case, podcasts are a perfect example of “learning via teaching” – even the President of Platinum Properties Investment Network, Jason Hartman, admits to having learned more during his time recording podcasts than he knew prior to recording them.

You Should Play to Your Strengths and Harness Them, According to the President of Platinum Properties Investment Network

What are you good at? You’ll need to become incredibly comfortable with this question, and dig up as many answers as you can. Your podcast shouldn’t look to push you too far out of your comfort zone, and should focus on playing to your strengths.

If you’re not great at interviewing people and socializing with them, should you really focus your podcast around guest speakers? Maybe you instead realize that you’re very good at giving advice – if this is the case, focus your podcast around speaking directly to the audience and addressing common concerns or problems among those in your field. The President of Platinum Properties Investors Network, Jason Hartman, found that he loved interviewing experts in his field, and decided to devote his podcasts primarily to that, and to the Platinum Properties Investor Network – he found his strength, and you can too.

Don’t Make Your Episodes Too Long or Complicated, Says Jason Hartman

There are a plethora of podcasts that stretch each episode to an hour or longer, but statistics show that most adults don’t have time to listen to a podcast that lengthy. Focus on trimming down your length, and provide a high-quality episode in just 15-25 minutes. From what Jason Hartman, President of Platinum Properties Investment Network has experienced, 30-35 minutes is pushing into the longer territory, so you really shouldn’t make them lengthier than that.

Similarly, try to keep the material of your podcast focused on the intended topic. A lot of podcasts tend to allow for a lot of rambling speech, often using 10, 20, even 30 minutes of recording time talking about menial matters that the audience doesn’t much care for. Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investor Network hates to listen to podcasts filled with fluff, and he knows he’s not alone. There are audiences for those types of podcasts, of course, but the bulk of listeners come to engage in thoughtful material, not to hear about what your guest speaker had for lunch today. Platinum Properties Investor Network has netted Jason a huge amount of success, in large part because he chooses to give his podcasts a pivotal, informational focus.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Controversial, President of Platinum Properties Investors Network Explains

Most of us try to keep things polite and civil in our everyday lives – we don’t purposefully try to get in arguments most of the time, and we usually try not to offend people. It’s in human nature to try to avoid conflict with other people, and humans are a pretty civilized bunch these days.

So it may be difficult to bite the bullet, but you shouldn’t be afraid to be opinionated in your podcast… even controversial. Some of the biggest and most popular speakers got that way because their strong opinions resonated with a lot of people, though the same strong opinions also made a group of people come to hate them. Listen to the President of Platinum Properties Investors Network’s advice: don’t be afraid to step up and say what you want to say, as it could garner you a very devoted crowd of listeners!

Jason Hartman’s Final Tip: Define Your Own Personal Definition of Success

So many people have asked Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investor Network the same question over the years: How can I know that I’m successful? How much should I be earning? How many listeners or downloads should I have a month/week/day?

While it’s tempting to go looking for specific details on how to measure your success, President of Platinum Properties Investor Network Jason Hartman has some very specific advice to give: don’t do it!

It’s pivotal for hosts of a podcast to define their own terms of success, and to not directly compare themselves to other podcasters that are out there. Do you want to earn a certain amount of money? Have a certain sized audience? Maybe you just want to be able to pay your bills with the income you make from your episodes? Maybe you’re looking to use your podcast to reach out to potential customers for your business? There’s only one person who can answer if you’re successful or not, and that’s you.

Platinum Properties Investment Network’s Jason Hartman currently has over 10 different podcasts that he runs, and he’s soon going to start up three more! This is part of his plan for success, and it’s furthering his personal goals. Make up a personal plan and list of potential goals for yourself, and you’ll be well on your way to success in podcasting.

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