Todd has a private equity, finance, and software engineering background. Before co-founding Globetrooper, he was a professional investor with a private equity firm in Australia. His team was responsible for investing $55 million into successful Australian businesses.  Prior to that, Todd ran a software development consultancy. He led a team of seven engineers on a highly classified military project and led the development of a proprietary learning management system, used by over 20,000 emergency medical training students. Todd studied at the Australian National University and holds a master’s degree in finance, a master’s degree in management and a bachelor’s degree in software engineering. Todd’s appetite for adventure developed in Australia’s Blue Mountains with annual rock climbing, canyoning and bush walking jaunts.

He has since snowboarded, snowmobiled, trekked and traveled throughout Canada, Europe, Africa, South America and now India.  In 2008, Todd summited Mt Kilimanjaro and in 2010 he completed the 4,500m Lares Trail in Peru. Like Lauren, he joined the 17-strong team to circumnavigate India by rail earlier this year, and is now living in Bangalore. Todd dreams of climbing Ama Dablam, skiing to the Poles, driving across Africa and completing many other epic crossings.

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