They found phenomenal business opportunities in real estate. The prices in Ecuador were better than anywhere else and included the benefit of spectacular weather year round. Gary shares his global investment experiences leading up to this, beginning in the 1960s with Hong Kong’s emergence in the markets. His goal is and always has been to stay on the leading edge of investments. His primary interest is in real estate, catching the emergence of real estate markets around the world.

He explains how currency distortions have a profound impact on real estate. Jason and Gary also talk about markets around the world, including in the U.S., and markets that may open up in the future, such as Cuba. In Part II of this interview, Gary describes Ecuador’s lifestyle, cost of living, job opportunities and other statistics. He also shares information about the various courses he and his wife offer. Gary Scott enjoys a worldwide reputation. He was one of the first publishers to suggest global investing, more than 42 years ago.

Gary is an entrepreneur, author and investment publisher who began writing about multi currency portfolios four decades ago when many thought he was crazy. Decades passed before the establishment jumped on the bandwagon. His first book, “Passport to International Profit” on international investing and business was published in the 1970s. Gary conducts International investments courses in a strategic alliance with Jyske bank.

He has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows and was heard weekly for years on the syndicated radio program, Market Rap, which was broadcast by WEVD in New York City. He was a monthly columnist for, “On Wall Street”, one of the largest circulation magazines for US stock brokers under the bi line “The Global Guru”. He wrote a column for “The Global Guide”, a newsletter published by one of Canada’s top portfolio managers, appeared in federal court as an expert witness regarding international economics and managed a multimillion dollar portfolio for one of Austria’s leading international investment banks. Today he manages a multi currency investing course in a strategic alliance with Jyske Bank, Denmark’s second largest bank and leading global asset manager.

Gary and his wife, Merri, have lived, worked, studied, invested and done business in Hong Kong, Switzerland, Germany, London England and Ecuador as well as the USA. In the 1990s they began creating seminar centers in Cotacachi Ecuador and the Blue Ridge of North Carolina to teach information about the fundamentals of Quantum health and wealth.

Gary and Merri publish Ecuador Living. They also operate a hotel in Ecuador, Meson de las Flores, and a seminar center where they offer Ecuador hotel savings. Their hotel dining specializes in healthy Cotacachi food. They have taken nearly 5,000 of their readers to Ecuador since. They conduct Ecuador real estate tours. Gary Scott believes that everyone should “turn their passion into profit” and the courses and tours at their Cotacachi and Blue Ridge seminar centers help people gain a lifestyle of global mobility, fulfillment and freedom with an international internet business.

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