Jason and Robert also talk about TSA issues. Robert feels there will be continued body searches and profiling, but that travel will become easier and terrorism less of a threat over time. In conclusion, Robert and Jason discuss Cuba, Burma and North Korea, contrasting the good and evil in some of the most beautiful places. Robert hopes that through books like his people will continue to be curious and seek the beautiful and interesting places in the world.

Born in Hungary, Robert Landori (whose full name is Robert Landori-Hoffmann) was, for most of his professional life, a senior public accountant, mergers and acquisitions specialist, and a trustee in bankruptcy in the Cayman Islands. But behind the facade of the quiet man of numbers lay a life of intrigue and mystery. He traveled widely throughout South America and the Caribbean, where he came into contact with international financiers, notorious con-men, well-known artists, famous entertainers and members of several countries’ intelligence communities.

Landori also developed a highly charged and double-edged relationship with Fidel Castro’s Cuba, and was, at one time, held in solitary confinement there for over two months on false accusations of espionage. He was eventually freed, and is now a writer of international intrigue and espionage thrillers. Mayhem on the Danube is his sixth book. Landori lives in Montreal, Canada.

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