Ira Pastor is the CEO of Bioquark. He has 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry including pharmaceutical commercialization, biotech drug development, managed care, distribution, OTC, and retail. Before joining Bioquark, Ira served as VP of Business Development for the Phytomedics Inc., bringing in $40 million of private equity and over $50 million of licensing deals.

Ira joined host Fernando Aires in this episode to talk about Bioquark’s current research into making our bodies regenerate like other organisms in order to avoid all the trouble that can be created by introducing foreign bodies into our ecosystem.

Key Takeaways:

[1:32] How Bioquark works

[3:38] Why humans aren’t able to regenerate parts like “lower” organisms

[8:59] What triggers in the body cause regeneration to start?

[11:38] If Bioquark is tapping into our youthful regeneration to make our bodies heal faster

[15:57] The types of problems Bioquark is designed to solve

[19:36] How is it possible to bring people back from the dead?

[23:11] If they are currently doing any clinical research for recovering braindead patients

[27:49] Where the money for their research and development is coming from

[28:15] The biggest challenges facing Bioquark’s work


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