Fernando Aires talks with Jim Poole, President and CEO of Solace Lifesciences, about their product NuCalm. NuCalm is designed to aid in managing stress and sleep and is used by many professional athletes, as well as cancer patients. The two discuss how the system works, what state NuCalm tries to get your body into, whether there are any side effects, and more.

Jim travels 250 days a year to bring NuCalm to as many people as he can, and he uses NuCalm every day he’s on the road. They’ve worked with MMA fighters, 25 professional teams, Olympians, golfers, tennis players, boxers, and other athletes to help them gain a mental edge on their opponent.

Key Takeaways:

[2:34] What is NuCalm and how does it work?

[6:56] The 3 manners in which we achieve parasympathetic nervous system dominance

[9:20] What a session of NuCalm consists of

[12:55] Reaching the alpha and theta zone

[15:49] NuCalm’s role for cancer patients

[19:19] The impact NuCalm can have on professional athletes

[24:58] The concept of NuCalm is to be a tool so we can effectively manage stress and improve sleep without drugs

[27:04] Whether NuCalm has any side effects or dependency issues

[30:44] NuCalm pricing and where/how you can get it




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