Fernando Aires talks with Todd White, founder of Dry Farm Wines. Dry Farm Wines are naturally made wines that are low in sugar and sulfites, organic, natural, biodynamic, and hangover free. There are few natural wine makers in the world, and Dry Farm Wines is dedicated to bringing them to the public.

Fernando and Todd dive into why commercially made wines are made the way they are, why it’s hurting us, and why drinking natural wine can actually help you avoid a hangover. The even look at the fact that the wine industry has convinced the government to keep labels off wine, and not have to tell you the truth about even the alcohol content in their wine.

The two also delve into the ketogenic diet and Todd’s upcoming ketogenic diet cookbook.

Key Takeaways:

[8:48] What makes a natural wine

[11:01] The process that leads to wines being left with sugar in it

[14:58] The alcohol content label printed on your wine bottle is not required to be accurate, and how that’s taken advantage of

[16:25] What happens when irrigation is introduced to vineyards

[20:41] Why natural wines help you avoid hangovers

[29:30] For the first time ever, US life expectancy is decreasing

[30:32] The basics of Todd’s business model

[33:23] Todd’s Ketogenic cookbook that’s in the making

[37:48] The results Todd has seen during his 3 years on the Ketogenic diet




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