Brian Hanley is the founder of Butterfly Science, and his mission is simple: he wants to develop gene therapies to help fight HIV and aging. Fernando Aires and Brian discuss what Brian’s research has shown him in the fight against aging, as well as what amazing possibilities we have when it comes to changing human characteristics for the better.

Key Takeaways:

[3:16] How Butterfly Sciences is going to change things with their products

[7:32] If there’s a limit to how long you can have your body continue keeping up with the GH levels

[10:30] Brian’s business model and whether his products are available to the public now (or when they will be)

[12:47] How Brian’s therapy can be used for HIV/AIDS

[16:18] What Brian’s HIV therapy timeline is

[19:04] What the future holds for longevity and therapies that could help travelers to Mars and potential humans with Marvel-like capabilities


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