Fernando Aires talks with his friend, Naval Aviator Brandon Cook. Brandon began his journey of health and wellness a few years ago, but has been facing an uphill fight while on deployment. The US military still subscribes to the food pyramid and a grain based diet, which is nothing like what Brandon has chosen as his lifestyle. So he’s had to create some hacks for what to do while on the carrier. While the hacks might have been created for life on deployment, there are tips in there to help anyone who finds themselves in a situation where they can’t control the food they’re eating.

Key Takeaways:

[4:41] Why Brandon got into his current health lifestyle

[10:14] Life on the carrier and your food options

[15:11] An important recommendation for which supplements to take when your options are limited

[20:32] Biohacking to help pilots optimize their body and training

[24:39] Brandon’s mindset when he’s thinking about eating fats

[29:22] The importance of a skeptical mind

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