You hear the constant reminder to make sure you get your vitamins by taking a daily multivitamin or any of the other methods available to the general public. But what you don’t hear anyone talk about is whether or not you’re getting all the minerals that you need.

Pauline Jose is a family medicine specialist and a clinical instructor at UCLA, as well as the co-author of Minerals – The Forgotten Nutrient: Your Secret Weapon for Getting and Staying Healthy. She joins Fernando to discuss the importance of having the right amount of minerals in your body and how you can better your life through them.

Key Takeaways:

[4:39] The function of minerals in our bodies

[9:24] Should we focus on the 14 minerals Pauline mentions in her book or should we worry about all 60+?

[12:45] Can the toxins we’re exposed to daily deplete our body of minerals?

[16:49] Whether Pauline would recommend drinking water the way Fernando’s family does at home, by adding his own mineral drops into distilled water

[21:04] Some minerals are very dangerous to have too much of, which is why testing is critical

[23:36] The effect of minerals on mental performance


Minerals – The Forgotten Nutrient

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