Fernando Aires speaks with Michael Greger, best selling author of How Not To Die and it’s companion cook book, about just that… how to eat healthy and prolong your life by avoiding and unnatural diet.

Key Takeaways:

2:54 – Avoiding heart diseases, cancers and diabetes with your diet rather than medical treatment

3:56 – Is vaping really better than smoking?

5:40 – The negatives of how doctors treat chronic diseases

7:09 – The one diet proven to reverse heart disease

8:46 – Wild meat vs farmed meat

10:15 – The effects of oils in your diet

12:05 – What processed foods are and what they do to you

14:00 – The prevelance of sugar

15:20 – How you should intake fructose

16:23 – Foods that effect prostate cancer

18:28 – Coffe… good or bad?

19:58 – The “daily dozen” foods that should be consumed daily

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