Founder and Chief Solver of Genic AI, a startup focused on Anti-ageing, finding Therapeutic cures for  Pathogenic and Tumorigenic targets, most recently for RNA Viruses, developing novel IP through sequence  analysis, host interactions analysis, Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Docking studies, Testing Data analysis  from Assays, in-vitro, in-vivo and Clinical Settings. Innovator and serial entrepreneur with track record in  creating new benchmarks in innovation and establishing value (initiating, negotiating and signing) $$ multi million commercialization contracts globally including setting up operations across 4 continents and  distribution across 140 countries. Sanjiv has also developed various products and solved critical challenges in  his recognised role in pioneering the field of AI(Artificial Intelligence) with his Convergence AI contributions for  over 15 years, as chief architect of AceWP standard, AceWP innovation labs, Hyperspace-Inverted Ideas Lab,  innovate2Learn, Rhizome Schools, smartSAPS, BioTab, coolATM, ChazeMe, D5 Convergence Chip and  Convergence Protocols, Rosenbridges future cities and CHANDRA project at NASA towards setting up the  first human inhabitancy infrastructure in space(on the moon). He owns several intellectual properties. He is  recognized as Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, Whoswho in the World(Marquis), in  America, in Science and Technology, in Business, Top 100 Disruptive Innovators by Red Herring, Top 10 Asian  Techno Visionaries by ZDNet and Top 10 emerging star entrepreneurs by NASSCOM amongst others. He has  been frequently invited as a speaker on Innovation across the globe and has chaired several international  committees, mostly on Computing. He is a voracious learner, manages to speak about 14 languages and  takes active interest in learning about diversity of talent across geographies. Has worked on research  collaborations for close to two decades with world leading academia at places such as IITs and Princeton  University. Sanjiv graduated from University of Calcutta and shelved aside his thesis for Engineering Doctorate  in EE at UCL in the pursuit of innovation and entrepreneurship, hoping to pursue it someday to finish. Sanjiv is  also an alumnus of Harvard University.

Key Takeaways:

[2:40] What level of civilization are we on planet earth (Kardashev Scale)?

[4:45] What does microfluidics mean?

[9:20] Explain the naming convention of COVID-19 and similar viruses?

[13:15] Will we have a vaccine, and will people take it?

[15:20] Discussing AI, singularity, and the potential for balance.

[17:45] Sanjiv discusses his research regarding brain to brain interface, when two people can talk, without actually speaking.

[19:30] Combining quantum computing with AI

[21:30] How is this reverse Malthusian?

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