Today’s approach to good health is constantly shifting with new research and awareness. The FDA makes changes to the food pyramid when new studies show many of the quantities and foods in the food groups are not as healthy as once believed. Jason Hartman interviews Matt Stone, independent author and health researcher of Matt shares how incredibly misinformed people are about many conditions and diseases, such as obesity, Type II diabetes, allergies, heart disease and cancer. Matt tells about how restrictive diets don’t impact metabolism like you’d expect, Vitamin D deficiencies, and other common health mistakes. After years of research, Matt has come up with the “180 Degree of Opposites”:
– Eat more, exercise less.
– Saturated fat is the healthiest type of fat
– For treating obesity, the best diet is a high calorie diet
– Saturated fat is the best fat for reducing heart disease risk
– Carbohydrates are Good for Type 2 Diabetics
– Spend more time in the sun, without sunscreen
– Heredity has much to do with our health problems, but has absolutely nothing to do with genes
– Germs do not cause disease, poor health does

In 2005, Matt launched an independent investigation into human health through disciplines as diverse as nutrition, exercise, the culinary arts and traditional agriculture, to paleopathology and psychoneuroendocrinology. When he learned that current food beliefs are not sensible nor are they in line with history, 180DegreeHealth was born; as the name implies, Matt is trying to make society do a 180 to our standard health advice and a 180 on the alarming health trends of today, including the dramatic and exponential rise of obesity, type II diabetes, tooth decay, crooked teeth, mental disorders of all kinds, autoimmune disease, allergies and asthma, heart disease, cancer, early puberty, and even nearsightedness.


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